03.05.2012 | Hildur Fjóla Svansdóttir

Ammassalik East Greenland 
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Ammassalik is known to local residents as Tasiilaq which in East Greenlandic means something
resembling a lake.

East Greenland

Ammassalik is the largest village in East Greenland with about 1,400 residents. The town has a picturesque setting in a fjord surrounded by high mountains and bisected by a small river that flows through the town. As it is only just over 100 years since the first Europeans came to the area, the traditional Inuit culture still plays an important role in day-to-day life.

Ammassalik is only a 10-minute helicopter ride from Kulusuk, but this short flight is one of the most scenic expeditions imaginable as you cross the ice-filled sea separating these two mountainous islands.

The town of Ammassalik lies just south of the Arctic Circle and boasts long hours of daylight in the summer and the splendor of the northern lights in the winter. During the summer, activities include hiking and climbing for people of all abilities, as well as helicopter trips to the ice sheet or glaciers.

Sea kayaking and sailing on the fjord between icebergs, whale safaris and angling are all popular activities.

In the area

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