10.04.2012 | Hildur Fjóla Svansdóttir
 Icelandic horse - Horse round-up
Day 1 – Thursday 3rd October

Day 2 – Friday 4th October

Horse riding starts after lunch from the round-up Valdarásrétt. Together with guides and locals the guests will herd the horses down to Víðidalstungurétt where the round-up will take place. The riding takes about 5 hours.
Dinner – traditional Icelandic meat soup.
Live music and dancing at Gauksmýri Lodge.
 Gauksmýri accommodation
Day 3 – Saturday 5th October

Víðidalstungurétt - round-up. The round up starts around lunch time.
Horse ride from the round-up to Galtanes. Galtanes is a farm in Víðidalur by the other side of the river Víðidalsá. Guests together with guides will ride along the riverbank. It is a beautiful and fun riding trail. The ride takes about 3 hours.
Dinner – barbeque buffet and dessert.
Local dance in Víðihlíð, a local club house. Optional and not included.
Day 4 – Sunday 6th October
Icelandic horse - Horse round-up
Guests leave Gauksmýri Lodge.

Gauksmýri Lodge will transport their guests to all scheduled events described above during this weekend; included in the price. The drive to and from Gauksmýri is not included in the price.  
More information about the Icelandic horse.
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