Band Retro Stefson Practices for New Album at Hotel Laugarhóll

Band Retro Stefson Practices for New Album at Hotel Laugarhóll

02.04.2012 | María Reynisdóttir

 Retro Stefson's Unnsteinn at Hotel Laugarhóll
Popular Icelandic band Retro Stefson has been practising lately at Hotel Laugarhóll, one of our country hotels, in the Westfjords.

"It is necessary to isolate yourself a little when practising new material" says lead singer Unnsteinn Manuel Stefánsson in an interview with newspaper Fréttablaðið.

The reason for their stay in the Westfjords is their upcoming album due later this year. Unnsteinn says that the band has already recorded five songs in a studio and will be practising the next five in the Westfjords.

"We will be staying at Hotel Laugarhóll which my uncle runs, but I‘ve been staying on and off there for the last two months, also to take care of the dogs.  It is great to be there at this time of year, it is so peaceful", says Unnsteinn, and adds that it is necessary for the band to exclude any distraction while practising. "It is great to be able to completely zone out – nobody can hop over to grandma‘s for lunch or waste time on the internet like my brother Logi does", says Unnsteinn.

Hotel Laugarhóll

Hotel Laugarhóll is a cozy and peaceful family-run country hotel perfectly situated for exploring the remote and beautiful wilderness of Strandir, the easternmost part of the Westfjords. The hotel has 16 double rooms, 11 with private facilities, 5 with shared. The restaurant offers tasty local food and there is an outdoor natural geothermal swimming pool and hot tub. Hotel Laugarhóll is in a great location for day tours and hiking and there are many sorts of activities available in the vicinity such as river and deep sea fishing, museums, horse-back riding and more. The house was originally built as a grammar school, but after renovation has been a hotel for a few years. The couple that runs the hotel, Einar Unnsteinsson and Vigdis (Dísa) Esradottir, are former teachers at the school and therefore well acquainted with the area.

Check out and book accommodation at Hotel Laugarhóll.

Retro Stefson

Listen to Retro Stefson‘s latest single, Qween, which was recorded in Air Iceland's hangar in Reykjavík.

View the video to one of Retro Stefson's most popular songs, Kimba.  




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