The Westfjords - Travel and learn this spring

The Westfjords - Travel and learn this spring

10.03.2011 | Hildur Fjóla Svansdóttir

For those  looking for a possibility to „travel and learn“ we offer a unique opportunity.  A 6-day tour in the Westfjords of Iceland where lectures on specific aspects of the Icelandic nature, history and culture are woven into field trips to relevant natural/historical sites. 
The Sagafjords learning journey workshop tour takes you to the Westfjords, one of the „top 10 regions of Lonely Planet for 2011“. 
Geology - Nature - Látrabjarg bird cliff - Economical history - Day-to-day life - Icelandic Sagas – Cultural attractions... An excellent opportunity to explore the Icelandic national spirit.  

Read more about the Westfjords workshop tour.

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