Fun on West Glacier River

Fun on West Glacier River

02.07.2010 | Jóhanna María Þorbjarnardóttir

Fun on West Glacial River

Description: The trip begins with the check in in our office in Varmahlíð. From there you can take the bus shuttle or your own car 15 km to the base camp. After getting fitted for all necessary equipment, is a 15-minute drive into the Vesturdalur valley and go over relevent instruction and safety guidelines. From there we set off, winding our way through the valley's majestic landscapes before drifting deep into the confines of stunning West Glacial River canyon. Between stretches of rapids, you will find yourself sipping steaming hot cocoa made from natural spring water that bubbles right up from the riverbank! You may well have the opportunity to catch some air jumping off a cliff into the river, get caught up in a friendly water fight, or simply kick back and allow the scenery to blow you away as you float down the meandering waters of the gorge.
How to dress: For the rafting you should dress in comfortable fleece or woollen clothes. Warm woollen socks are important. We provide you with a drysuit, helmet, shoes and a lifevest. Anyway, the drysuits can start leaking if you enjoy playing around in the water and swimming. Please bring some spare clothes so you can change after the trip.
Difficulty: Easy-to-moderate difficulty whitewater and stunning scenery combine to provide an unforgettable adventure for anyone from the novice rafter to the whole family.
Included: All rafting equipment, dry-suit, helmets, life wests and shoes. Guides. Necessary transportation on land. Hot chocolate, tea, coffee at the base camp. Hot chocolate on the river. Soup and bread after the trip.
Departure: Departures from May through September: 09:30  and on request
Minimum: 4 participants
Duration: Approx. 4 hours.
Limitations: 10 years, if accompanied by a parent.
Location: Skagafjörður
Operation: Summer / 1st May - 15th September. Daily at 15:00 and on request.

Price: 65 EUR per/person

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