24.06.2010 | Jóhanna María Þorbjarnardóttir

Into the Blue

Description: The Silfra fissure is one of Iceland’s best kept secrets. Silfra, which is situated in the heart of Þingvellir, the site of the world’s oldest parliament, is an otherworldly scene. The crystal clear water in the deep fissure gives you a feeling of being weightless as you float down with the lazy current. Frequently rated as one of the worlds top ten dive sites, the Silfra offers up to 100 meters of underwater visibility and is  located on top of the separation between Europe and America! After an hour of snorkeling we climb out and head back to the car. Into the Blue is a relaxing but exotic trip in an environment most will only encounter in their dreams.
Bring with you: warm undergarment clothing (fleece/wool sweater and pants), warm socks and a change of clothing
Difficulty: Easy. (2 out of 5)
16th of September (2012)-14th of May (2013):
Everyday 09:00-09:30 from Reykjavík, 10:00 from Þingvellir service center.

15th of May -15th of September (2013):                    
Everyday at 13:30-14:00 with pick up from Reykjavík and 10:00 & 14:30 from Þingvellir.

If you have your own car the meeting point is at the Main Information station at the camp site in the National Park. 

Duration: 2 hours. With transfer: 4 hours.
Limitations: Minimum 2 persons.
Age limit is 14 years (or  145 cm height).
Location: Þingvellir, Silfra.
Price (15/5 - 15/9 2013):
With transfer:  103 € per/person.
Without transfer:  84 € per/person.

Price (16/9/2012 - 14/5/2013):
With or without transfer: 103 € per/person

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