Satisfied customers

Satisfied customers

14.05.2010 | Oddný Björg Halldórsdóttir

We have received remarks and letters from satisfied customers recently.  One of our guests wrote: "Dear Hanna, thank you and everybody in your team for that exceptional service you gave us during that stay in Iceland. We will recommend you in every opportunity we have to do so. We had a great time, even with this volcano in the backyard."


April 1st another one wrote: "thanks for all, was an unbelieve and incredible experiencie visit your country and stay in your guesthouses...
well done! your services (car rental - door to door - travel data...) and attentions are highly recomendables"


The volcanic eruption in Eyjafjallajokull glacier is localized to a small part of the country – directly affecting only few farmsteads.


Day-to-day life continues in Iceland apart from the directly affected areas of the volcanic eruption in south Iceland, businesses are open as usual and society at large functions normally.


Although the volcano poses no safety threat to people in Iceland, visitors are nevertheless encouraged to follow developments and seek factual information from the relevant authorities.


Icelanders are resilient people who have learned to live in harmony with the forces of nature. The civil protection and emergency management authorities in Iceland are prepared, alert, and effective and have the situation at the eruption site well under control.


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