Clean-up in full swing

Clean-up in full swing

28.04.2010 | Oddný Björg Halldórsdóttir

Over a hundred volunteers came to the Eyjafjallajokull area over the weekend, assisting with cleaning up the volcanic ash. The volunteers, which came from the Icelandic Red Cross, the accident prevention association Ice-Sar, the jeep association 4x4, and a group that was formed on Facebook – all lent a hand helping out at the area's few dozen farms and cleaning ash. The federation of women's associations in Iceland served lunch for the volunteers at the local service center.

Some restrictions on air traffic

In light of the ash distribution forecast for today, there are restrictions on air traffic through Keflavik and Reykjavik airports. However, Akureyri and Egilsstaðir International Airports remain fully open. Passengers are asked to monitor flight schedules closely on travel industry web sites as the closing of the flight zones is based on regularly updated weather predictions.

Keflavik International Airport

Information from Icelandair

Information from Iceland Express


Volcano 1/10th of its original size

The volcanic eruption is now about 1/10 of the size it was during the first few days. The plume of ash seems to be slowly decreasing and although some ash mist might reach other parts of Iceland (e.g. Reykjavik) it is not likely to cause more air pollution than a bad traffic day in Reykjavik. It is not necessary to use masks.


Reykjavík alive and blooming

Day-to-day life continues in Iceland apart from the directly affected areas of the volcanic eruption in south Iceland, businesses are open as usual and society at large functions normally. As before, there is plenty to see and do while in Reykjavík. The whale watching season has officially started, new exhibitions are opening and sightseeing tours are running as normal, including jeep tours to view the volcano.


Prepared and alert

Although the volcano poses no safety threat to people in Iceland, visitors are nevertheless encouraged to follow developments and seek factual information from the relevant authorities. Icelanders are resilient people who have learned to live in harmony with the forces of nature. The civil protection and emergency management authorities in Iceland are prepared, alert, and effective and have the situation at the eruption site well under control.

Since there has been some discussion regarding the volcano Katla, it is important to note that there is still no indication of an eruption there.

Daily briefings at the press centres

The Civil Emergency Authorities arranges for daily briefings at 8:00 at the press centres in Reykjavik and Hvolsvollur. The briefings will include a general status update, as well as brief updates from a geophysicist and a meteorologist. The address in Reykjavik is Skogarhlid 14. The address at Hvolsvollur is Dufthaksbraut 10. You will find the latest press releases on their web-sites...Read more


All Infrastructures Secure

Icelandic infrastructure is prepared for earthquakes and volcanic activitiy so all systems are designed to withstand natural calamities.

Transmission of Electricity:

Transmission of Electricity is secure and has not been affected by the volcanic activity. Developments in the volcanic activity are being followed closely, with a maintenance team ready to respond to any events if needed. The electrical transmission network in Iceland is circular with all power plants directly connected to the main grind. Thus in case of a transmission failure a backup power is always available from the other side to the rest of the island.


The main telecommunications network is extremely robust and based on two main systems. It is designed with redundancy for both equipment and power and also incorporates backup routes for critical traffic.

Míla‘s Optical Fiber Cable, that carries almost all national and international telecommunication traffic, is secure. The design for the backhaul connections for the submarine cables connecting Iceland to the mainland takes into consideration necessary backup routes in case of Fiber Cable damage.

In the area

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