Eldá in Reykjahlíð

Eldá in Reykjahlíð

A guesthouse and farm stay in three houses in village Reykjahlíð by lake Mývatn’s eastern shore and centrally located in Iceland’s magical north-eastern region praised by nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Varied services on offer in the village, as well as shops, diners and activities. It’s a good location when touring the Mývatnssveit region and neighbouring regions. Open all year

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  • Shared bathroom
  • Family rooms 3+
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cooking facilities
  • Golf course nearby
  • Facilities for disabled
  • Walking / Hiking trails

In the area

  • Lake Mývatn
  • Restaurants and swimming pool in Reykjahlíð
  • Organized hiking, biking and winter tours
  • Fishing and boat rental
  • Horse rental
  • Bird Museum 10,5 km
  • Nature Baths 6,5 km
  • Dimmuborgir 10 km
  • Krafla 19 km
  • Whale watching from Húsavík 57 km
  • Dettifoss waterfall 73 km
  • Akureyri 101 km


Three houses – apartments, guesthouse and a private home – by street Helluhraun in village Reykjahlíð. Rooms share bathrooms. Cooking facilities. Laundry facilities. Easy access for wheelchairs. Free Wi-Fi. Minimum stay during high season (June 21st to August 31st) is two nights. 


Breakfast is included. Well-equipped kitchens in all houses. Supermarkets, diners and restaurants in the village and further afield.

Service and recreation

Reykjahlíð village: Tourism services and booking agents in Mývatnsstofa. Riding tours. Hikes and biking tours at Hike & Bike. Boat rental. Fishing permits. Organised tours to Askja, Ásbyrgi, Jökulsárgljúfur and to Dettifoss waterfall. Winter tours, jeep tours and snowmobile tours. Good sporting facilities and a pool. A nine-hole golf course (800 metres / 0.5 mi). The Mývatn Nature Baths, 36-40°C (96.8-104°F) close by (4 km / 2.5 mi). Birdwatching. Sigurjón’s Bird Museum at Ytri Neslönd (11 km / 7 mi). The nearest town with supermarkets and popular activities like whale watching: Húsavík (57 km / 35.5 mi).

Welcome to the Mývatnssveit region

This region boasts of some of the most beautiful, unique and varied landscapes in the northern hemisphere, and is one of Iceland’s more popular attractions in both summer and winter. You’ll enter into a magical world, formed by volcanic activity for tens of thousands of years – a world where Nature is still creating. All who pass through are welcome, but locals would like to remind guests to show Nature the respect she’s due and heed the biosphere’s delicate balance.

Reykjahlíð – varied activities and a prime location

The first houses in Reykjahlíð were built in 1966 when a silica production facility was founded 3 km east of the village. The facility has since been closed. With time, the cluster of houses grew to a village with about 200 inhabitants. Now, the village is a service centre for the region’s inhabitants and visitors, offering varied tourism services. Reykjahlíð is close to most of the region’s most treasured attractions, and not very far from parts of the Jökulsárgljúfur canyon system and waterfall Dettifoss (50 km / 31 mi). Many fantastic hiking routes pass through the village to the north and south and are well worth exploring. There’s moreover a trail that turns off the main highway about 4 km (2.5 mi) south of Reykjahlíð, which is an ideal hike to Hverfjall and on to Dimmuborgir.

Mývatnssveit region – charming in both summer and winter

No one should miss Dimmuborgir, Hverfjall, Grjótagjá, Skútustaðagígar, Kálfastrandarland, Leirhnjúkur, Krafla and Hverarönd by Námafjall. Both roads and marked trails lead to all areas of interest, no matter whether you intend to take in the natural beauty, explore interesting phenomena or study the varied flora and rich birdlife. While the region is exceptionally beautiful in summer, it is also a charming winter destination when the landscape dons a glittering snow coat and the starry winter sky is decorated with ribbons of whimsical northern lights.

Hosts: Gísli and Lilja


In the area

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