12.06.2013 | Hildur Fjóla Svansdóttir
The trail lies across a moor where you will come across Lambatungur - Hiking trail tour spectacular ravines, canyons and waterfalls. You will explore a rebuilt, protected sheep barn from the beginning of the 20th century and learn about the unique Icelandic traditions which have evolved around the care of sheep. You then will be guided through grazing areas formed by the footsteps of local farmers who have treaded these trails for hundreds of years.

The history of the area is all around. Hear how people lived and worked in this difficult mountainous terrain with its impassable ravines which, before the invention of barbed wire, came in handy to keep grazing cattle at bay. As you walk along the sheep trails you will be able to imagine what the local people must have gone through in the past.

Hear about the area’s geology and the impact of natural catastrophes on the people and their livestock throughout the years. Enjoy an Icelandic lunch including freshly brewed tea from Icelandic herbs found on the moors, in an old man-made structure used in earlier days to gather sheep. Finally, be greeted by a panoramic view stretching from Vatnajökull Glacier in the east towards Mýrdalsjökull Glacier in the west and the vast North Atlantic Ocean to the south.  

12 July – 6 August – Daily at 9:00Lunch in the Icelandic nature

Location:  Mörtunga I, booking one day in advance.

Length:  6 - 8 hours, 10 - 12 km.

Price: 65 EUR – free of charge for children 16 years and younger.  Typical Icelandic lunch is included.

Difficulty level:  A trail for people in rather good shape and who have some experience with hiking in mountainous areas.

Equipment: Good outdoor clothing for the whole day, sturdy shoes, wading shoes (an old pair of light sneakers or open sandals) and some snacks to nibble on during the hike. Walking poles recommended. Please keep in mind that the weather may alter swiftly and an extra change of clothes is necessary.

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