Sustainability Policy

Hey Iceland Ltd. is a travel agency located in Reykjavík, Iceland, which provides travellers with enjoyable and experience-rich holidays, in Iceland and overseas.

The travel agency is committed to sustainable tourism. Domestically, it works closely with the Association of Icelandic Farm Holidays to provide the traveller with meaningful connections to host communities in rural Iceland. Emphasis is laid on responsible travel in harmony with nature and local culture in all of its operations.

International travel presents significant environmental challenges. Icelandic Farm Holidays recognises its responsibility in being part of the solution and will strive to continuously improve its performance in co-operation with office staff, Association members and other partners. This policy confirms Hey Iceland‘s commitment to maximising the positive and minimising the negative environmental, economic and social impacts of tourism in Iceland and other areas of its operations.


The management and employees at the office of Hey Iceland are therefore to:

  • constantly emphasise improvements in operations and services, aiming to reduce harmful impact on the environment, including reduction of pollution by reducing the waste of assets, e.g. by reusing and recycling, along with saving energy and utilising environmentally friendly materials,
  • give preference to goods and services produced locally which do not adversely affect the organisation’s operational activities, viability and environmental and social impacts, give preference to goods and services produced locally and with minimal environmental impact,
  • employ persons living in the local area, whenever possible,
  • continuously seek further education in environmental matters and disseminate such information to their colleagues and Association members, 
  • inform customers of the Association’s environmental policy and encourage protection of the environment,
  • work toward the distribution of tourists through time and space when organising trips and if suitable, 
  • make this policy available on request to all interested parties and encourage them to participate in our efforts to protect the environment,
  • endeavour to fulfil the provisions of laws and regulations to which the company subscribes,
  • employ persons living in the local area, whenever possible,
  • revise the sustainability policy regularly and to attain annual environmental approval by Vakinn, the official quality and environmental label to strengthen quality, safety and environmental responsibility in Icelandic tourism.

Sævar Skaptason, Director
November 2015

Sustainability Policy of Icelandic Farm Holidays 2013 (pdf)