Horse Round-Up

Horse Round-Up

Help the farmers herd around one thousand horses from the mountains at this spectacular annual autumn event in Húnaþing Vestra County in Northwest Iceland. Stay at the friendly Gauksmýri Lodge, savour delicious Icelandic food, get to know the locals and their traditions and enjoy riding the Icelandic horse - a true adventure for horse lovers! From 4 - 8 October 2017 

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From:730 EUR
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  • 4 nights' accommodation at Gauksmýri Lodge (Wed-Sun, first weekend of October)
  • Breakfast all days
  • Brunch/lunch on days 2, 3 (optional lunch pack can be provided on request on day 4)
  • Dinner on days 1-4
  • All transportation to scheduled events (not to and from Gauksmýri before and after the tour)
  • Horse and saddlery on days 2-4


  • Get to know the unique Icelandic horse
  • Ride and herd horses through an impressive landscape of moors and valleys in their autumn colours
  • Gain a rare insight into Icelandic culture at a traditional horse round-up
  • Enjoy Icelandic cuisine featuring fresh homegrown ingredients


  • Explore the attractions of Northwest Iceland including towering cliffs and canyons
  • Celebrate with the farmers at a local dance at Víðihlíð community hall


€730 per person in a double room with private/en-suite bathroom
€855 per person in a single room with private/en-suite bathroom 

€660 per person in a double room with shared bathroom
€830 per person in a single room with shared bathroom 

Please note:  Participants need to be in good physical condition and preferably have some prior riding experience before joining the tour.


Day 1 - 4th of October | Gauksmýri

Arrive at Gauksmýri, a charming country lodge with emphasis on nature and horsemanship where you will stay for the next 4 nights.

If you have a rental car you can explore some of the impressive surrounding attractions of Northwest Iceland, including Hvítserkur Cliff on Vatnsnes Peninsula, historic Breiðabólsstaður and Kolugljúfur Canyon.

Dinner and accommodation at Gauksmýri Lodge.

Day 2 - 5th of October | Riding and herding the horses

Bus transfer to Hvammstangi, after which you ride accompanied by guides and help herd a group of horses from Hvammstangi to Valdarásrétt round-up with a stopover at Gauksmýri for lunch. This is a relatively easy ride, a perfect introduction to the Icelandic horse and good practice for the action of the next two days!
Dinner and accommodation at Gauksmýri Lodge.

Day 3 - 6th of October | Riding and herding the horses

After lunch you will be transferred by bus to the Valdarásrétt round-up. Watch the horses rush down from Mt. Víðidalsfjall. Ride together with guides and locals along rough gravel paths and herd the horses down to Víðidalstungurétt where the round-up will take place the next day. The riding takes about 5 hours.

In the evening enjoy a traditional Icelandic meat soup dinner, live music and dancing at Gauksmýri. The spacious dining hall offers impressive views to distant mountains and glaciers.

Accommodation at Gauksmýri Lodge.

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Day 4 - 7th of October | Horse round-up

The Víðidalstungurétt round-up starts around lunch time. It is one of the largest horse round-ups in the country. Watch the amazing spectacle of farmers gathering their horses and sorting them at the corral to be returned to their home meadows. You will be taking part in an important social event and joining the locals having fun with horse auctions, raffles, drinking and singing alongside the round-up.

In the afternoon ride accompanied by guides along the riverbank, a beautiful and fun riding trail from the round-up to Galtanes, a farm on the other side of the river Víðidalsá in Víðidalur Valley. The ride takes about 3 hours. You are then transferred back to Gauksmýri by bus.

In the evening enjoy a barbeque buffet and dessert at Gauksmýri, followed by a local dance at community hall Víðihlíð where the farmers celebrate the successful return of the horses by singing and dancing the night away!

Accommodation at Gauksmýri Lodge.


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