Evening Tour to the Coast | East

Evening Tour to the Coast | East

On this evening tour from Hólmur Guesthouse to the black sand beach of Southeast Iceland you will get to know the world of the beach and the particular atmosphere that the closeness of the sea offers. You will explore old ruins from the time when British and US forces where here during the Second World War and enjoy an excellent view towards the mountain range around Hornafjörður. You will even get to taste some traditional Icelandic treats! Available all year.

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From:91 EUR
per person
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Hólmur, Hornafjörður


  • Black sand beach
  • Old ruins
  • Midnight sun (1 June - 15 July)
  • Spectacular 360° views


  • Guidance
  • Icelandic treat (shark, dried fish, Brennivín, Egils Malt)


€ 91 per person
€ 45 per child 11 years or younger

Free of charge for children 2 years or younger


Daily departures according to timetable


Available on request


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