LAVA Centre - Family Pack for Exhibition | South

LAVA Centre - Family Pack for Exhibition | South

Enjoy a packed day of fun and activities with family at the interactive Lava Centre. Test your knowledge and watch your kids going from one attraction to the other with a contagious excitement and natural inquisitiveness. Embark on a journey through Iceland’s formation and eruptions history, and discover how Icelanders live under constant threat of volcanoes, using the most elaborate monitoring systems. In practice, a few active volcanoes in South Iceland are overdue for an eruption, some of which are showing high levels of activity… Available all year round.

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Hvolsvöllur, South Iceland


  • Interesting facts about volcanos
  • Timeline of Icelandic volcanic activity
  • Insight into the monitoring system for volcanic and seismic activity


  • Admission to Exhibition and Cinema
  • Access to all attractions on display


  • Admission to Exhibition only
  • Admission to Cinema only
  • Admission to Exhibition and Cinema together

Please bring with you

  • Your inner volcanologist!


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