Country Tour Short-Summer | Gauksmýri - North

Country Tour Short-Summer | Gauksmýri - North

A 1.5-hour horse riding tour in the beautiful nature around Gauksmýri farm customised to each rider's abilities. Apart from some easy plain paths, it is impressive to ride down to the lakes of Gauksmýrartjörn or Miðfjarðarvatn. Other tracks lead up to Mt. Vatnsnesfjall from which you have a spectacular view. You will receive a brief introduction to Icelandic horse riding as well as your horse's individual character and qualities. Available during summer.

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Gauksmýri, near Hvammstangi


  • The Icelandic horse
  • Beautiful nature
  • Customised tour suited to each rider's abilities


  • 1.5 hour horse riding tour, 1 hour riding and 30 minutes learning and preparing
  • Safety equipment
  • Rain gear (optional)
  • Brief riding instructions


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