Icelandic Horse Round-Up | Skjaldarvík – North

Icelandic Horse Round-Up | Skjaldarvík – North

Join us on a thrilling and fast-paced evening round-up as we take a group of 20-40 horses out for a run. You will be one of the riders controlling where and how fast the horses go, so it is important that you are an experienced rider. Each participant will have the chance to ride two horses and when we get back you can take a dip in our warm and cosy hot tub. Please note that this tour is ONLY for experienced riders who have good control and are able to ride different gates on uneven terrain. Available Thursdays in June, July, and August.

Operated by: Skjaldarvík

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  • An unforgettable riding experience
  • Fast-paced round-up of horses


  • Riding Icelandic horses
  • Helmet
  • Riding equipment
  • Hot drinks and cake
  • Access to hot tub

Please bring with you

  • Riding clothes and shoes (sterilized)
  • Swimwear

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