Kjósin - where?

Kjósin - where?

26.05.2010 | Oddný Björg Halldórsdóttir

Kjósin is an area with many places of interest and natural beauty.  It is one of the places where you can find elfs, play golf, take a guided kayak tour and more.  Kjósin is beyond Esja mountain.  We who live in Reykjavík say that Esja mountain is our mountain.

Beaches are accessible and Hvalfjarðareyri is a popular area.  Lake Meðalfellsvatn is great for fishing and Maríuhöfn, Búðasandur and Hvítanes are places of historical interest.  Steðji and the wooden areas of Fossá and Brynjudalur are excellent areas for picnic.  Kjós has also splendid hiking trails such as Leggjabrjótur, Kirkjustígur and Gíslagata, who all offer a great view

In Kjós you will find:

Farm 11 Hjalli

   - Accommodation in 1 x 4 pers cottage.
Kaffi Kjós - Kaffi Kjós is a restaurant and a shop, with a nice view over lake Meðalfellsvatn.
Farm 12 Eyrarkot - Eyrarkot cottage is a farmer's guesthouse just above Hvalfjarðareyri, where bird life is vivid.  Guided walks through area of elves and other hidden beings are available.
Hvammsvík - outdoor activities -At Hvammsvík you can catch a rainbow trout in the pond, play golf on the 9 hole golf course, take a guided kayak tour, camp out or just relax in the midst of a beautiful nature.
Ásbyrgi - NaNa gallery. - Visit Gallery NaNa.  You'll be impressed.  At the Gallery they have gorgeous bags and accessories for show and sale.
Matarbúrið in farm Háls - Matarbúrið is a shop where you can buy first class Angus/Galloway beef directly from the farmer.
Miðdalur - is a typical Icelandic farm with cows, sheep and horses.  We welcome groups to visti us by arrangement.
Samansafnið - A collection of various old things has been gathered togethre on the cowshed loft in Kiðafell 2 (farmers in Eyrarkot).
Þúfa - Horse farm Þúfa offers horse tours for smaller groups


In the area

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