Want to travel with an open itinerary this spring?

Want to travel with an open itinerary this spring?

29.03.2010 | Eva Rún Michelsen

The open voucher system has been used for several years and has proven to be quite effective for those who want to stay as they go. The open vouchers are not valid during Easter, Christmas and New Year´s.
Most of our farms accept open vouchers and there are three types:

- Sleeping bag accommodation
- In rooms with shared facilities in cat I or II
- In rooms with private facilities in cat III or IV

Maximum notice for reservations is 24 hours.

Read more about our farm categories here and our open vouchers here.

The open vouchers can be purchased in our office during opening hours or by sending us an e-mail with the following information:

- Full name and home address.
- Number and type of vouchers (one voucher per person per night)
- Delivery method -sent by regular mail, registered mail – 10€ or pick up in our office.
- Credit card details for payment

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