Accommodation in two joined houses at farm Nes in Reykholtsdalur, a grassy and historic valley in Borgarfjörður in Southwest Iceland. There is a nine-hole golf course by the farm. Nes is ideally located for touring the region and for longer day trips, such as to the Snæfellsnes peninsula. A number of lovely hikes in the area. Beautiful views over the highlands and glaciers in the east. Open from 16 February to 15 December. 

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  • Family rooms 3+
  • Free Wi-Fi in some areas
  • Hot tub
  • Meals available
  • Cooking facilities
  • Laundry facilities
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Walking / Hiking trails

In the area

  • Reykholt 3 km
  • Swimming pool 4 km
  • Deildartunguhver hot spring 4 km
  • Hraunfossar waterfall 20 km
  • Borgarnes 38 km
  • Surtshellir cave 40 km
  • Langjökull glacier


Rooms are located in two joined older houses at the farm. The older of the two was built in 1937 and is still fitted according to the style of the era. Four rooms that share a bathroom; two single rooms, one double room and one family room. Kitchen facilities are shared. All rooms have washbasins.
The newer house was built in 1957 and has four rooms (one double, two twin rooms and one single room) with shared bathroom facilities. A large sitting room and kitchen. All rooms have washbasins.
Free Wi-Fi, laundry facilities and a hot tub by the clubhouse.


There’s a dining area at the clubhouse by the golf course that sits up to 60. Meals, other than breakfast, available if pre-ordered. Light refreshments and bar. Locally sourced ingredients and traditionally prepared meals are emphasised.

Service and recreation

There’s a nine-hole par 70 golf course by Nes.

Course length:
Yellow tee: 2,669 m (2,918 yards)
Blue tee: 2,337 m (2,555 yards)
Red tee: 2,001 m (2,188 yards)

A good practice area and putting grounds. Reykholtsdalsvöllur was instituted in 2008.

There are many interesting and fun hiking routes in and around the valley, and you can easily go on excursions around Borgarjörður, as well as on guided tours to Langjökull glacier on super jeeps or snowmobiles. Rent horses at Giljar in Hálsasveit (14 km / 9 mi), or visit the goat farm Háafell (16 km / 10 mi). The Troll Garden at Fosstún (16 km / 10 mi) is a lovely park and playground. The nearest swimming pool is in village Kleppjárnsreykir (6 km / 3.7 mi). The nearest town with shops, supermarkets, restaurants, diners, museums, a swimming pool and various tourism services is Borgarnes (39 km / 24 mi).

Deildartunguhver hot spring and Hraunfossar waterfall

As the valley’s name indicates, the area is alive with geothermal activity, but “reykholt” means “hill of steam”. Two kilometres from Nes you will find hot spring Árhver that sits in the river that winds its way through the valley. You might also want to visit hot spring Deildartunguhver (5 km / 3 mi), the most voluminous hot spring in Europe (180 litres per second). Hraunfossar waterfall (18 km / 11 mi) is a natural work of art en route to Húsafell.

Outdoor paradise, highlands, glaciers and lava caves

Húsafell (21 km / 13 mi) is popular hiking ground and outdoor area in a beautiful setting. It’s a popular pit stop, as you will find a swimming pool, a diner, a golf course and many more activities here. The Highlands are but a stone’s throw away and are a world of wonder where moors, lava fields, steep mountains and glowing white glaciers meet the eye. During the summer season, you can journey to Fljótstunga (12 km from Húsafell, or 7.5 mi) and go on scheduled and guided tours to Iceland’s largest lava cave, Víðgelmir.

Reykholt, Snorralaug and the Settlement Centre

During the early 13th century, Reykholt was home to chieftain, poet and scholar Snorri Sturluson (1179-1241), who is and remains Iceland’s most famous author, and, arguably, the most famous author of all the Nordic countries. To commemorate him, a cultural centre that celebrates the Middle Ages, called Snorrastofa, was built, where guests can visit an exhibition about the stead’s history, as well as learn more about the life and works of Snorri. You can also visit the hot pool Snorralaug, believed to have formed in the 13th century. Many scholars have argued that Snorri was the author of one of Iceland’s most famous Sagas, Egil’s Saga. Journey to the Settlement Centre in town Borgarnes to visit an exhibition on poet and Viking Egill Skallagrímsson (39 km / 24 mi).

Bjarni and Sigrún


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