Sólbrekka in Mjóifjörður fjord

Sólbrekka in Mjóifjörður fjord

How would you like to greet the morning sun in a sparsely populated and semi-isolated fishing village, where the still surface of the ocean reflects mountaintops? Sólbrekka offers accommodation in the village Brekkuþorp by Mjóifjörður fjord, which is one of the East Fjords. The countryside is dressed in its summer best, cliffs rise up to reach the cerulean sky and rivers and brooks tumble over hills as waterfalls on their playful way to the sea. There are many charming hikes to be explored along the head of the fjord and the coast, all the way to the lighthouse in Dalatangi. Open from 1 June to 30 September.

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  • Cottage
  • Working farm
  • Wi-Fi
  • Hot tub
  • Bar
  • Meals available

In the area

  • Waterfalls
  • Dalatangi 15 km (Iceland´s first lighthouse)
  • Egilsstaðir 45 km
  • Eskifjörður 68 km
  • Hallormsstaður forrest by Lake Lagarfljót 68 km
  • Seyðisfjörður 70 km


Two summer cottages that each have a bedroom with a double bed, a bathroom, a sitting room (where there is also a sofa bed) with dining area, a sleeping loft and small porch. 

Sleeping bag accommodation at the main house, in four double / twin rooms and two single rooms, where there are three bathrooms with showers. 3G Internet connection.


Cooking facilities in the cottages and grills by the cottages. Cooking facilities at the main house. There is a dining hall in the main house where guests can ask for breakfast. Meals are available if pre-ordered. A little coffee shop at Sólbrekka operates from July 1st and until August 20th.

Service and recreation

There is a sitting room with a TV set at the main house. Washing machine and dryer in a separate laundry room. Hot tub in a separate house. Playground for children. There is also a small souvenir shop at Sólbrekka, where you can ask for information about hiking routes and get maps, as well as rent bicycles. The nearest town is Egilsstaðir (45 km / 28 mi), where there are supermarkets and a swimming pool. The town Seyðisfjörður, where the ferry Norræna docks, is 70 km (43.5 mi) away.

Secluded area of magic

Mjóifjörður fjord is 18 km (11 mi) long and surrounded by mountains that reach up to 1,000 m (3,280 ft.). The fjord is narrow and lowlands are scarce. Road no. 953 to Mjóifjörður starts at a crossroads by road no.92, to Fagridalur, over the moor Mjóafjarðarheiði and down to the head of the fjord, where the road is long and rather steep as it winds its way down. Here you will see unique landscapes, canyons and twinkling waterfall. There are about 12 km (7.5 mi) from the fjord’s head along the coast and to Sólbrekka, at the north of the fjord.

Away from the hustle and bustle

The tranquility of Mjóifjörður, the quiet and calm, the charming hiking routes and glittering waterfalls attract tourists in summer. Before, farms on both sides of the fjord were inhabited, but now only the village Brekkuþorp remains, where about 25 people reside. This is therefore the optimal place for relaxation and exploration on foot, where you can get to know magnificent nature and old abandoned seaside homes. An adequate road goes from Brekkuþorp along the shore and to Dalatangi (15 km / 9 mi) where there is a lighthouse that dates back to 1898.

Interesting attractions in Mjóifjörður fjord

The Klifbrekkufossar waterfalls are a splendid row of waterfalls right at the head of the fjord. Hofsárgljúfur canyon, magnificent and terribly beautiful, is en route to Dalatangi. Smjörvogur bay, near Hofsárgljúfur, was formerly a detention centre. Prestagil canyon, also at the very head of the fjord, is rumoured to have been the home of an evil troll woman who seduced the region’s priests. In Asknes, a small peninsula south of the fjord, there are ruins of an old whaling station where Norwegians operated from during the 1910s. It was the largest whaling station in the world in its day, and 200 people worked there in its heyday.


Hosts:  Jóhanna


In the area

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