Ytra-Áland in Þistilfjörður

Ytra-Áland in Þistilfjörður

Accommodation in a double room with private bathroom in Northeast Iceland, far from the hustle and bustle of city life. An outdoor recreational paradise for nature lovers, hikers and birdwatchers. Many beautiful hiking routes in nearby areas. A good location for those who intend to tour the region. Open all year. 

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  • Private bathroom
  • Wi-Fi

In the area

  • The Leader-sheep Breed Centre
  • Rich birdlife
  • Þórshöfn village 27 km
  • Kópasker 48 km
  • Jökulsárgljúfur National Park 74 km
  • Lake Mývatn 156 km


One double room with private bathroom in a private home.


Breakfast is provided. The nearest supermarket and restaurant is in Þórshöfn (27 km / 16 mi). 

Service and recreation

Hosts emphasise personal service. Fishing permits for rivers and lakes available. The Leader-Sheep Breed Centre is also located at Svalbarð, there you can learn about the Icelandic leader-sheep breed found nowhere else in the world. The old vicarage at Sauðanes, a stone building dating back to 1879, is open to visitors in summer (34 km / 21 mi). The nearest town is Þórshöfn, where you’ll find a shop, a diner, an indoor pool, a tourist information centre and various other services (27 km / 16 mi).

Enjoy nature in the North

The northeastern regions, from fjord Vopnafjörður and to the Melrakkaslétta plain, are an area often overlooked by travellers. However, it’s home to a wide range of activities, not least for those interested in walking tours through unspoilt landscapes like valleys, mountains and along the shore shaped by the North Atlantic waves. Local daily life in small fishing villages is quite interesting, and the contrasting emptiness of abandoned farms, full of history in their silence, is quite an experience. Enjoy spending time with nature in this northern wonder world, ripe with its own brand of beauty.

Varied hikes – Rauðanes, Langanes

Some hiking routes worth mentioning close to Svalbarðsskóli include the marked trail on to the spit Rauðanes (8 km / 5 mi). It’s a beautiful route, quite easy, with a lot to see – like peculiar cliff formations, for example. Langanes, a long peninsula south of fjord Þistilfjörður, is a true outdoor paradise, where you can get to know nature on many different hikes. Hosts at Svalbarðsskóli will happily tell you about the area and provide you with local hiking maps.

Langanes, Skoruvíkurbjarg, Skálar

Touring the point is an unforgettable adventure. You can stop by Skoruvíkurbjarg, for example, a precipitous cliff with a viewing platform so you can observe one of the largest gannet colonies in Iceland. The gannets have made cliff “Stóri-Karl” (Large Man) their home. A decent road edges along the 14-km-route (9 mi) from Þórshöfn to Langanes, but once you reach Langanes the next 22 km (14 mi) to Skoruvíkurbjarg are only passable by 4x4 vehicles. Drive on to Skálar on the peninsula’s east side (8 km / 5 mi), a place almost at land’s end where there was a booming fishing village from 1910 – 1946, now completely abandoned and derelict, save from the remnants of a pier on the beach, a testimony to the village’s golden years.

Hosts: Bjarnveig and Skúli


In the area

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