Rjúpa Guesthouse

Rjúpa Guesthouse

A homely familly run guesthouse at Hróarsstaðir Farm in Northeast Iceland, 13 km from Akureyri. The guesthouse can sleep up to 11 people. It is located on a small hill opposite Iceland‘s largest birch woodland, Vaglaskógur Forest. Various day tours and activities in the area and some of Iceland‘s most beautiful natural treasures are only a short drive away. Open from 1 June to 31 August. 

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  • Shared bathroom
  • Family rooms 3+
  • Working farm
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cooking facilities
  • TV in rooms
  • Golf course nearby
  • Charging station
  • Laundry facilities/service
  • Walking / Hiking trails
  • Northern lights service

In the area

  • Akureyri  13 km / 8 mi
  • Hlíðarfjall Mountain  19 km / 12 mi
  • Goðafoss Waterfall  20 km  /  13 mi
  • Laufás  20 km / 13 mi
  • Lake Mývatn  63 km / 39 mi
  • Húsavík  64 km / 40 mi


1x1 pers room, 3x2 pers rooms and 1x4 pers room (family room) in a separate house by the farm. All rooms have a hand basin, a chair, closet, nightstand, and made-up beds with towels. Shared bathroom with shower and another smaller bathroom with hand basin. The guesthouse offers a good kitchen with a TV and table area. Guests have access to a washer and dryer. Outdoor furniture and a clothesline.


Breakfast is included in the price. Focus on traditional and homemade Icelandic food. The nearest shop with all major necessities is at Illugastaðir, 10 km further in Fnjóskadalur Valley, but the nearest supermarkets are in Akureyri (13 km) where you will also find a viriety of restaurants and diners.  

Service and recreation

Guests are welcome to take a look into the sheep sheds, but the sheep spend their summers roaming the mountains. The area around the guesthouse and in Vaglaskógur Forest offers many delicious mushrooms, blueberries, crowberries, and brambleberries. Swimming pool at Illugastaðir (10 km), 9-hole golf course at Lundur (3 km) and petting zoo at Daladýrð (5 km). The nearest town with shops, services, restaurants, and tourist activities: Akureyri (13 km).

Northern Lights at your doorstep!

Iceland is one of the best places in the world to see the Northen Lights. On clear, crisp winter nights in Iceland, you can experience the Aurora dancing magically across the sky. Seeing the Northern Lights would be the cherry on top on top of your winter trip in Iceland. You can maximise your chances of seeing the Northern Lights by staying at a Northern Lights friendly accommodation. Being Northern Lights friendly means they offer some extra services in regards to the Northern Lights. We offer a special Northern Lights package with pick up in Reykjavík. All transport, accommodation, meals and activities included.

Hróarstaðir Farm, Fnjóskadalur Valley, Vaglaskógur Forest 

Guesthouse Rjúpa is by Hróarsstaðir Farm. The farmers are farming sheep and doing forestry. Fnjóskadalur Valley is famous for stunning beauty, stillness and pleasant weather. Vaglaskógur Forest is Iceland‘s largest birch woodland, a wonderful outdoor and recreational area for all ages. There you will find marked hiking paths, lovely groves and an interesting tree museum.


Visit Akureyri, ‘Capital of the North’ (16 km), centre of trade and services, town of culture and education. It offers a wide range of activities and interesting places e.g. notable museums, the most northerly botanical garden, one of Iceland´s most popular swimming facilities, the best skiing area in the country and great selection of restaurants, promoting local food. Parking in Akureyri is free of charge but you need a clock-card. They are available for free in banks, info-centers, petrol-stations and many shops in Akureyri.


Visit the amazing lake Mývatn (63 km) with astonishing pseudo-craters, most easily accessible at Skútustaðagígar. Enjoy Mývatn nature baths, or Jarðböðin, and lava fields at Dimmuborgir. Behind Námaskarð pass the large geothermal field of Hverir is a unique wasteland with pools of boiling mud and hot springs. Driving from lake Mývatn, road n.1 reach the junction with road no. 862 and drive North for 24km to experience Dettifoss the most powerful waterfall in Europe. On the way home visit Goðafoss, waterfall of the heathen Gods.

Day trips and fun activities

Guesthouse Rjúpa is perfect for those who want to explore North Iceland. We recommend a drive to visit Goðafoss Waterfall (20 km), and Húsavík (64 km) from where you can go on a whale watching tour and relax in the GeoSea geothermal sea baths amongst other activities.

Hosts:  Agnes Þórunn and Kristján


In the area

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