Aurora Vacation Homes by Fagravík

Aurora Vacation Homes by Fagravík

13 cottages for between two and 9 people by a small inlet near the head of Eyjafjörður, near town Akureyri in central North Iceland. The houses stand on a neat site by the sea with lovely ocean and mountain views. There is rich birdlife here, and guests can also enjoy sea angling from the cliffs, or go on various interesting hikes. It only takes five minutes to drive to bustling town Akureyri, and many of the region’s most cherished natural attractions are within easy reach. Open all year. Minimum stay 2 nights from 1 June - 31 August.

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  • Cottage
  • Working farm
  • Hot tub
  • Cooking facilities

In the area

  • Hiking trails and bird watching
  • Horse rental 1.5 km
  • Gásir Medieval trading place
  • Akureyri 5 km 
  • Whale watching
  • Swimming pool, museums, golf cafés/restaurants in Akureyri


Well-furnished cottages. You can choose between six cottages that sleep five in two bedrooms, one cottage that suits sex with three bedrooms, two cottages for nine with three bedrooms and one very spacious cottage that sleeps eight in four bedrooms, as well as three cottages that each sleep two in a single bedroom. All cottages have a bathroom and shower, a kitchenette or kitchen, a dining room and sitting room with a TV and radio, as well as a private hot tub.

Minimum stay 2 nights from 1 June - 31 August


Guests prepare their own meals. Town Akureyri has good supermarkets, diners and restaurants and is five kilometres away (3 mi).

Service and recreation

Try sea angling from the cliffs by the inlet, free of charge, You can also fish for salmon our trout in a small pond, where you pay by the pound of fish caught. There is a playground for children by the cottages, and fun hiking routes. Riding tours depart from 1.5 km away (1 mi). Two swimming pools are close by, in Akureyri and Þelamörk (10 km / 6 mi). There is also an 18-hole golf course, Jaðarvöllur, in Akureyri, as well as a wide range of shops, supermarkets, bars, interesting museums, and tourism services. One of Iceland’s best-known ski areas is in Hlíðarfjall mountain that overlooks the town.

Akureyri – the capital of the North

Akureyri is a friendly town in beautiful surroundings and a very important centre for most industries in this part of the country. It’s a lovely stop and you can walk along the centre and learn about the ways of the locals. It’s more varied and vibrant than you’d expect in a town of Akureyri’s size. The culturally inclined can visit Nonnahús, a museum located in the childhood home of author Jón Sveinsson (1857 – 1944) who wrote very popular children’s books in the early 20th century.

The countryside – Laufás – Svarfaðardalur – Siglufjörður

The region’s farmlands are partly located in a long, wide and prosperous valley between gently sloping hills and blue mountain tops. You can easily circumnavigate the valley by car, and the route is very lovely on a sunny summer’s day. If you head along the eastern shore of the fjord you can visit the well-known district museum Laufás, located in a grand Icelandic turf house (36 km / 22.5 mi). If you continue north from Fagravík and along the western shore of the fjord, you can take the route along valley Svarfaðardalur (38 km / 23.5 mi), a captivating valley surrounded by tall mountains. If you want to visit the herring town Siglufjörður, the northernmost town on the Tröllaskagi peninsula and a popular stop for tourists, drive 75 km (47 mi) from Fagravík.

Lake Mývatn – Goðafoss – whale watching

For a lovely day trip from Fagravík, drive east to the next region and visit some of the more beautiful attractions in and around lake Mývatn (102 km / 63.5 mi), for example Dimmuborgir, Hverfjall and Námaskarð. Stop by waterfall Goðafoss on your way (57 km / 35.5 mi), which is one of Iceland’s best-known waterfalls. You can go whale watching in village Húsavík (48 km from Goðafoss (30 mi) and 105 km from Fagravík (65 mi) and be sure you’ll have an experience you’ll never forget.


Hosts:  Soffía and Eiríkur


The accommodation at Sílastaðir is available on request. Please fill out the booking request form to make a booking.

 Accommodation type
 Summer 2019
 1 May - 30 Sept  
 Cottage for 2 persons    €140-160
  - Cleaning - optional  €56-66
 Cottage for 5 persons    €168-188
  - Cleaning - optional  €94
 Cottage for 6 persons   €220-244
  - Cleaning - optional  €113
 Cottage for 8 persons  


  - Cleaning - optional  €150
 Cottage for 9 persons    €252-273
  - Cleaning - optional  €113
 Bed linen   €19

Prices are per night.

Guests are always required to rent bed linen when renting a cottage.

Guests are expected to clean the cottage upon departure (if not included or bought additionally).

Minimum stay 2 nights from 1 June - 31 August.


In the area

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