Stay at Geitaskarð, one of Iceland’s stately farms in the early 20th century. Located just off the Ring Road in Langidalur valley in the eastern Húnaþing region, it’s only a 15-minute-drive away from town Blönduós. Here you’ll find great hiking routes, and interesting attraction all around Húnaþing and the neighbouring Skagafjörður fjord, easily reachable no matter whether you prefer half-day or day-long tours.

Open 1 June to 1 November.

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  • Shared bathroom
  • Family rooms 3+
  • Working farm
  • Wi-Fi
  • Meals on request
  • Golf course nearby
  • Walking / Hiking trails

In the area

  • Goose/ptarmingan hunting
  • Blönduós village 11 km
  • Restaurant, swimming pool, Textile Museum and Icelandic Salmon Center (Blönduós)
  • Þingeyrarkirkja Church 36 km


Three double / twin rooms and one family room with a shared bathroom at the farm’s main house, a stone building from c.a. 1910. It’s one of the oldest rural stone houses in Iceland. The dining and sitting rooms are decorated after the style of stately homes during the mid last century.


Breakfast is included. Diners and restaurants in town Blönduós, 10 km away.

Service and recreation

Many beautiful hiking paths are in the area. Most of them are unmarked but they will lead you through beautiful nature. Geese and ptarmigan season in autumn. Sheep and horse round-up in September and early October (Stanfsrétt corral, 40 km / 25 mi). A par-35, nine-hole golf course by Blönduós, which is also the nearest town where you can find diners, restaurants and various tourism services (11 km / 7 mi).

An oasis on your way, Kjalvegur road, rounding and sheep round-up

Geitaskarð faces the southwest, nestling under the foothills of mountains that separate valley Langidalur and the abandoned village Laxárdalur. The glacial river Blanda flows past the farm, after journeying from glacier Hofsjökull and through the highlands. The Ring Road (highway no. 1) passes along the valley and then over the Stóra-Vatnsskarð pass to fjord Skagafjörður. The valley Langidalur is essentially divided into two valleys near the head, namely Blöndudalur and Svartárdalur. You can access the highland road Kjalvegur, which is the most popular summer highland road, directly from Blöndudalur. Note that inhabited areas are quite sparse along Kjalvegur, separated by about 157 km (97.5 mi). The corral Stafnsrétt, one of the more famous corrals in Iceland, is close to the mouth of Svartárdalur (40 km / 25 mi), where you’ll have an unforgettable time during the round-up season.

Interesting hikes – peaceful mountain vales

You can explore varied interesting hikes around the region. Just above the farm, you can follow a trail to Skarðsskarð (the Pass pass) to valley Laxárdalur. The valleys are separated by about 7 – 8 km (4.5 – 5 mi) with level ground for about 300 metres (984 ft.). Other passes you can hike along include Strjúgsskarð and Auðólfsstaðaskarð, near the head of Langidalur. Laxárdalur is a unique area, well grown and beautiful during summer, where nothing will disturb the tranquillity apart from babbling brooks and singing birds. During the mid 19th century, there were about 26 farms in the valley, inhabited by about 300 people. 100 years later, all farms save one had been abandoned.

Handicrafts, sea ice and outlaws

Blönduós (11 km / 7 mi) is the region’s service center. It’s a small town by Blanda’s river mouth. Here, you’ll find interesting museums like the unique Textile Museum and the Sea Ice Exhibition Centre, as well as Eyvindarstofa, a restaurant named for one of Iceland’s best-known outlaw. Guests can explore the world of outlaws in food, drink, and decorations.

Hosts:  Ásgerður and Ágúst


In the area

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