Hof I in Vatnsdalur

Hof I in Vatnsdalur

A private house at farm Hof in Vatnsdalur, located in Húnaþing county in northwest Iceland. A warm and neat flat in the Icelandic countryside, surrounded by both historical and Saga locations in a friendly valley where you can enjoy the company of your fellow travellers, friendly animals and spectacular nature. A lively salmon river flows like a glowing ribbon through the valley’s sandbanks, and moorlands and highlands are close by with lovely glacier views. 

Open:  May 25th - September 1st.  

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  • Shared bathroom
  • Private bathroom
  • Working farm
  • Wi-Fi
  • Meals on request
  • Cooking facilities
  • Walking / Hiking trails

In the area

  • Vatnsdalur canyon and waterfalls
  • Vatnsdalshólar
  • Blönduós 32 km
  • Swimming pool, restaurant and golf (Blönduós)


Six double / twin en-suite rooms, and three double / twin rooms that share a bathroom. All rooms are in a private house where you will also find a dining room, a nice sitting room and a kitchen. The house’s porch has a hot tub and BBQ facilities, both outside and in a small garden shed.


Dinner available if pre-ordered. Guests can also prepare their own meals in a well-equipped kitchen.

Service and recreation

Sheep and steed farming. Children can have fun with the farm animals and pets and enjoy the company of the lively dogs and cuddly cats. Hosts can provide all information about hiking routes close by and guests can ask for guides. Riding tours from farm Gauksmýri (48 km / 30 mi). The nearest town is Blönduós, where you will find a supermarket, restaurants, a swimming pool, a golf course and more (32 km / 20 mi).

Historic country charm

Hof has been inhabited since about the year 900, when settler Ingimundur the Old started farming. He was a heathen, like most settlers, and the farm’s name reflects his religion; “Hof” means “heathen temple”. One of the Sagas, Vatnsdæla Saga, tells the story of Ingimundur, his descendants and neighbours who lived in Vatnsdalur and the surrounding counties. There was a church at Hof until about 1700, and a few years ago, an old cemetery was excavated that held graves as old as from the 11th century. The same family has lived at Hof for about 120 years.

Hikes that suit all

Around Hof and in the valley Vatnsdalur you’ll find plenty of varied hiking routes, and the trail along the Vatnsdalsárgljúfur canyon, where the river Vatnsdalsá drops by about 300 metres on its way from the heaths, merits a special mention. The waterfalls along the river are rather beautiful. There’s a marked trail along the canyons from farm Forsæludalur (13 km / 8 mi) and to the waterfall Skínandi. You can access the highland’s edge from various locations in the valley to enjoy the magnificent views over Iceland’s expansive outback.

Seal colony and other interesting attractions

Hof is near the mouth of valley Vatnsdalur, about 16 km / 10 mi from the crossroads to the Ring Road. From the crossroads, drive about 28 km / 17.5 mi west to another crossroads that will take you to the route around the Vatnsnes, a rather mountainous peninsula that separates fjords Húnafjörður and Miðfjörður. The circumnavigating route is about 90 km (56 mi) and driving along it can be an unforgettable experience on a sunny summer’s day, not least because once of Iceland’s largest seal colonies is found here. You can stop to seal watch at three places along the shore. Head to village Hvammstangi for a museum and information centre on seals in Iceland (57 km / 35 mi). Other interesting attractions nearby include Eldborg by lake Vesturhópsvatn, and the Kolugljúfur canyons in Víðidalur valley. 

Hosts:  Jón and Eline


In the area

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