Farm stay in a cottage for up to 7 pers. at the farm Neðra-Vatnshorn close to a small lake, east of the mountains surrounding Vatnsnes in the Húnaþing region in northwest Iceland. You’ll find many good hiking routes here, and will have the chance to participate in work at the farm, like during lambing in spring or sheep round-up in autumn. Many well-known attractions are within easy reach. 

Open from April 13th to September 30rd. 

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  • Cottage
  • Working farm
  • Wi-Fi
  • Meals on request
  • Cooking facilities
  • Charging station
  • Walking / Hiking trails

In the area

  • Horse rental 4 km
  • Kolagljúfur canyon 11 km
  • Hvammstangi village 12 km
  • The Icelandic Seal Center (Hvammstangi)
  • Hvítserkur (unique rock stacks instrument) 31 km


Accommodation in the old farmhouse for up to 7 pers. in 3 bedrooms; 1x double room, 1x twin room and 1x family room (double/twin bed and sofa bed). Hand basin in all rooms. Cots available upon request. Kitchen and sitting room with a TV, books, board games and toys. A furnished porch at the front of the house and an access to a BBQ.

Check in:  4 pm - 10 pm.  If arriving before or later, please contact the host in advance.

Service and recreation

Guests are welcome to either observe or participate in farming, and the farmers are more than ready to take you on a tour of the houses, barns and machines and answer your questions. The farm keeps a few horses that are a hit with the children, and you’ll find foals here during spring. If you’re there in spring, you have lambing to look forward to, and autumn travellers can partake in the annual sheep round-up that takes place around Hamarsrétt corral in Vatnsnes. Also, the horse round-up during the last weekend in September is something to keep an eye out for. You can go on guided evening hikes, or day-long hikes with or without a guide along some of the mountains routes near the farm, or down to the lake (no fewer than three participants). You can borrow walking sticks and hiking maps. Fish for trout in rivers or lakes nearby, or at the river that flows by the farm. Turn to your hosts for fishing permits. You can also rent horses nearby (4 km /2.5 mi). The nearest village is Hvammstangi, where you’ll find a swimming pool, shops, a bank and various services (12 km / 7.5 mi).

The mountains and your hiking boots

Neðra-Vatnshorn is close to the Ring Road (the circumnavigating highway no 1) where it crosses the valley Línakradalur, between fjord Miðfjörður and valley Víðidalur in the Húnaþing region. Just north of the valley are the southern foothills of the Vatnsnes mountains, which are a smorgasbord of opportunities for the avid mountaineer. From farm Grund in the Vesturhóp region (11 km / 7 mi) you can follow a marked route over the mountains and all the way to village Hvammstangi (11 km / 7 mi).

Vatnsnes – seal watching – natural attractions

Close to the farm is a crossroads. If you turn onto road no 71, you can drive the 90-km-long road that goes all around the Vatnsnes peninsula (56 mi), where you’ll see the most accessible seal colony in Iceland. Head to farm Ósar, east on the peninsula (30 km /18.5 mi) for great outlook points. On the shore just by Ósar you’ll see the cliff Hvítserkur. It’s a remarkable cliff and among the more popular photo models for photographers that travel here. After getting to know a seal or two in their natural habitat, head to The Icelandic Seal Centre in Hvammstangi and learn about their habits, as well as the sealery tradition in Iceland.

Interesting places in the neighbourhood

Borgarvirki is a 177-metre-high volcanic plug and a beautiful rarity in the Icelandic landscapes. During the Middle Ages, resourceful Icelanders used Borgarvirki as a fort and a lookout, so, not surprisingly, the view from the top is quite expansive. In Víðidalur valley you’ll find canyon Kolugljúfur. It’s about a kilometre long (0.6 mi) and between 20 and 25 metres deep. The river Víðidalsá flows through the canyon in graceful waterfalls. The canyon has been bridged just by the waterfalls. In Vatnsdalur you’ll find the Vatnshólar phenomenon – a seemingly endless field of small hills that are considered one of three uncountable things in Iceland. Near the mouth of Vatnsdalur Valley, the Vatnsdalsá river comes tumbling down from the heaths through a spectacular canyon, laced with waterfalls. There’s a marked hiking trail along the canyon that goes from farm Forsæludalur and to waterfall Skínandi.

Hosts:  Andrea and Rúnar


In the area

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