A short way along Miðfjörður by Húnaflói bay is a wide and green valley. In this northwestern region, there’s a cosy guesthouse called Brekkulækur. Located in the middle of this valley, the guesthouse is also a tour operator that emphasises riding tours and hikes in Iceland. The environment is beautiful and hiking routes are varied. This is a good location for touring valleys, mountains and peninsulas in and around. Open from 8 April to 1 December. 

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  • Shared bathroom
  • Private bathroom
  • Family rooms 3+
  • Apartment
  • Working farm
  • Bar
  • Meals on request
  • Walking / Hiking trails
  • Dogs allowed
  • Clean and Safe

In the area

  • Grettisból in Laugarbakki village 12 km
  • Hvammstangi village 19 km
  • The Icelandic Seal Center 20 km (Hvammstangi)
  • Kolugljúfur canyon 31 km
  • Hvítserkur bird cliff 50 km


17 single, double and family rooms with shared or en-suite bathrooms, either in the older part of the farmhouse, built in 1938, or in the newer part. Two of the double rooms are in a private apartment with cooking facilities and a bathroom. Shared sitting room. Open all year round, but pre-bookings only between September and May.


Breakfast is included. During summer, there’s a restaurant at the farm that emphasises locally sourced Icelandic ingredients. Signature dishes include lamb, fish, dairy and homemade muesli. Liquor license. Restaurant is open June-August 17:00-21:00.  Dinner also available if booked in advance in May and September. Next restaurant open all year is in Hvammstangi 19 km away. 

Service and recreation

Brekkulækur has been a tour operator for many years and offers organised riding and hiking tours, both shorter and longer, where nature and country life is emphasised. They also offer seasonal tours, such as around Christmas and the New Year. There are about 80 horses at the farm, and during summer, guests can go on short riding tours and hikes around the immediate region. Birdwatching in June. Sheep round-up in September. The Icelandic Seal Centre is in village Hvammstangi, and close by is the region’s district museum, located at Reykir by Hrútafjörður fjord (22 km / 14 mi). Hvammsfjörður is the nearest village, where you’ll find a swimming pool and a supermarket (19 km /12 mi). There’s also a small shop and two hot tubs in small village Laugarbakki (12 km / 7.5 mi).

A region with history and soul

Miðdalur is a welcoming countryside, where you can enjoy nature walks, either close to Brekkulækur or around the valley. A known salmon river flows through the valley. At farm Bjarg close by, one of Iceland’s Saga heroes, Grettir Sterki, was born and raised. His story is documented in Grettir’s Saga. There’s a memorial in honour of his mother at Bjarg, and in village Laugarbakki you will find Grettisból, commemorating the hero-turned-outlaw himself.

Vatnsnes – seal watching – natural jewels

If you drive 14 km (9 mi) from Brekkulækur, you’ll reach road no. 72, which you can follow all around Vatnsnes. Here, you’ll come across one of Iceland’s most accessible and large seal colonies. At The Iceland Seal Centre in village Hvammstangi, you can learn what you’ve always wanted to know about seals and sealery. By farms Illugastaðir, Svalbarði and Ósar, you can make use of special outlook points overlooking the colony. On the east of Vatnses, you’ll see a peculiar cliff by the beach, known as Hvítserkur. Just before completing our tour around the peninsula, you’ll see Borgarvirki, a 177-m-high volcanic plug. This beautiful hill is easy to hike, and there is a great view over the region from the top.

Kolugljúfur – Vatnsdalshólar – Vatnsdalsárgil

East of fjord Miðfjörður you’ll come across two valleys, Víðidalur and Vatnsdalur. Both are welcoming and prosperous, where glistening salmon rivers flow between grassy banks. You’ll find the canyon Kolugljúfur, about a kilometre long (0.6 mi) and between 20 and 25 metres deep, in Víðidalur valley, as well as the beautiful row of waterfalls that tumble along the canyon. It’s a beautiful place to visit during a summer’s day. Near the valley’s mouth, close to the farm Forsæludalur, the river Vatnsdalsá falls splendidly off the highland cliffs through a spectacular canyon. There is a marked hiking route along the Vatnsdalsárgil canyon, all the way from the farm Forsæludalur and to waterfall Skínandi. It’s an exciting route for hikers and nature lovers alike.

Host:  Arinbjörn


In the area

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