Starmýri Cottages

Starmýri Cottages

Accommodation in three lovely cottages in a peaceful location with wonderful views of the ocean and up to the mountains. Each cottage has one bedroom, a kitchenette, bathroom, sitting room and a loft. The area boasts of spectacular landscapes and natural attractions for guests to enjoy and explore.

Open all year.

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  • Cottage
  • Working farm
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cooking facilities
  • TV in rooms
  • Pets allowed
  • Fishing/Hunting

In the area

Great hiking trails
Djúpivogur 37 km
Stafafell in Lón 34 km
Höfn in Hornafjörður 70 km
Breiðdalsvík 100 km
Stöðvarfjörður 118 km


Three 3-4 persons cottages with a veranda. Each house has one double bedroom, a loft with two single beds, a bathroom with shower (toiletries included), a common area with sofa and TV. In the kitchenette you will find a refrigerator, microwave oven, stove top, coffee maker and a toaster.


Each cottage has a kitchenette. The nearest restaurants and supermarkets are in Djúpavogur (37 km) an Höfn (70 km).

Service and recreation

The area around Starmýri offers numerous hiking trails, through valleys, among the shoreline or up to moors and mountains.
The hosts are willing to offer advice to hikers before they head off on hiking adventures. Selá River runs by Starmýri and during the summer months guests can buy fishing permits. The nearest swimming pools are in Djúpavogur (an indoor pool with hot tubs inside and outside) and in Höfn (a good outdoor pool, waterslide, and hot tubs). The nearest golf course is in Hornafjörður.

Varied hiking areas and stunning nature

The cottages in Starmýri are located just south of the Ring Road with spectacular views of mountains all around. The location is also perfect for hiking and exploring the area on foot. You can hike up to moors and mountains, along Selá River or explore Starmýri Valley.

Day tours to Lón and Hornafjörður

Starmýri is perfectly located for shorter drives to the surrounding areas. Lón is a unique natural wonder, beloved by hikers and nature lovers alike. You can also spend a whole day exploring Hornafjörður and enjoy hikes to the mountains (i.e. towards Hoffellsjökull glacier) or walk among the black sand beaches of Stokksnes.

“The Eggs”, Langabúð and Audun’s Rock Collection

In Djúpavogur (37 km) you can marvel at a unique sculpture by sigurður Guðmundsson called “The Eggs”. They are numerous large boulders in the shape of eggs that have been arranged along the shoreline. You can also visit Audun’s Rock Collection and Langabúð, one of the country’s oldest stores (now housing a café and museum). Búlandstindur Mountain hovers over the town and there is a marked hiking trail to the top. Be adviced that this is a strenuous hike if you are not used to hiking mountains, but well worth the effort to enjoy the wonderful view from the top.


In the area

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