Ytra Lón

Ytra Lón

A tidy guesthouse 14 km / 9 mi along the coastline north of Þórshöfn village on the Langanes peninsula in Northeast Iceland, far from the hustle and bustle of city life (652 km / 405 mi from Reykjavík). An outdoor recreational paradise for nature lovers, hikers, and birdwatchers. Rooms with en-suite bathrooms and studio apartments. Hot tub. Café / bar and a fully-equipped kitchen for guests. Guided hiking and birdwatching tours are available. Open all year.

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  • Private bathroom
  • Apartment
  • Wi-Fi
  • Hot tub
  • Cooking facilities
  • Walking / Hiking trails
  • Northern Lights

In the area

  • Rich birdlife
  • Þórshöfn village 14 km
  • Skoruvíkurbjarg bird cliff 22 km (gravel road, 4x4)
  • The Leader-sheep Breed Centre 42 km
  • Arctic Henge in Raufarhöfn 76 km
  • Selárdalslaug swimming pool 79 km
  • Kópasker 85 km


Seven 2-person rooms with en-suites and two 2-person studio apartments with the option of an additional bed. The rooms are simply furnished, and most of them come with a TV. There's also a shared TV lounge area and a patio with garden furniture and a barbeque. Guests have access to a hot tub with massage jets.


Shared kitchen for guests. Licenced bar / café. Breakfast is available upon request. The nearest supermarket is in Þórshöfn (14 km / 9 mi). Also in Þórshöfn is Báran, a restaurant with a varied menu.

Service and recreation

There's a sheep farm at Ytra-Lón, and guests are welcome to come and watch the farmers perform their daily duties. The guesthouse offers driven / guided hiking and birdwatching tours out along Langanes peninsula and the surrounding area. The tours go to Skoruvíkurbjarg on Langanes, the second largest gannet colony in Iceland, and out to the very tip of the peninsula. Guests can also be dropped off or picked up with their bags at the start or end of their hikes around the area's spectacular nature and wilderness. You can go trout fishing in the lagoon by the farm, free of charge. Fishing licences can be purchased for Lónsá river, which has sea char and sea trout. In autumn, guests can go goose hunting in the farm's surroundings at a very reasonable price. Playground for kids. There's a hot tub with massage jets on the patio by the guesthouse, where you can enjoy a unique experience gazing up at the stars on winter evenings—and the northern lights, when they decide to put on a show. The nearest town with all general services, a good indoor swimming pool, supermarket, restaurant, tourist information centre, healthcare clinic, and pharmacy: Þórshöfn (14 km / 9 mi).

Northern Lights at your doorstep!

Iceland is one of the best places in the world to see the Northen Lights. On clear, crisp winter nights in Iceland, you can experience the Aurora dancing magically across the sky. Seeing the Northern Lights would be the cherry on top on top of your winter trip in Iceland. You can maximise your chances of seeing the Northern Lights by staying at a Northern Lights friendly accommodation. Being Northern Lights friendly means they offer some extra services in regards to the Northern Lights. We let you know the chances of seeing the Northern Lights in the evening and we recommned a late-night dip in the hot tub with some refreshments under the magical display of lights.

Far from the noise of the outside world—a nature lover's paradise

The Ytra-Lón farm is just off the 869 highway, 14 km / 9 mi from Þórshöfn fishing village, on the way out to the Langanes peninsula (264 km / 164 mi drive from the 'Capital of the North,' Akureyri, 176 km / 109 mi from Egilsstaðir in Hérað, and 163 km / 101 mi from Húsavík by Skjálfandi bay). Guests are awaited by pristine nature and peace and quiet at Ytra-Lón. There's a broad range of possibilities for hiking and sightseeing independently, and the guesthouse also offers guests information and luggage transport services including guided tours, for example out to the magnificent bird cliffs on the edge of Langanes. Langanes and Melrakkaslétta are renowned for the midnight sun, which can be quite spectacular in June and July. 

Langanes, Skoruvíkurbjarg, Skálar

A trip out to Langanes is a unique experience. There, you can find attractions including Skoruvíkurbjarg, a great cliff where a viewing platform has been built so that visitors can observe one of the largest gannet colonies in Iceland on the Stóri-Karl ("big guy") cliff. There's a good road from Þórshöfn to Ytra-Lón, but after that, the road is only suitable for 4x4 vehicles along the 22 km / 14 mi route to Skoruvíkurbjarg. From the cliff, you can drive or hike to Skálar on the eastern side of the peninsula (8 km / 5 mi). Skálar is a place by the outermost sea where there was once a thriving fishing village from 1910 to 1946.

The unique wonderland of Northeast Iceland

The regions in the northeastern corner of Iceland, from Vopnafjörður to Melrakkaslétta, are an area that many travellers overlook. However, it's a wonderfully rewarding place to visit, especially for those who enjoy sightseeing on hikes around the pristine nature, green valleys, mountains, and alongside the strip of coast that the waves of the North Atlantic Ocean have carved out in an artistic manner, for example at Melrakkaslétta. Little seaside villages welcome travellers, and you don't need to go far to enjoy tranquillity in nature in this corner of the North, which is simultaneously rough and mesmerising with its unique beauty in both summer and winter.


In the area

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